OPS has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999. Our commitment to customer satisfaction guides our actions on a daily basis, and retains the same freshness and consistency since 2018, a year of change: change at the head of the company and adaptation of our quality system to the requirements of version 2015.
The loyalty of our customers as well as the commercial development of our business is leading us to become a major regional player in the manufacture of small series technical plastic parts by injection, overmolding and additive manufacturing. We aim to be our customers' "preferred" supplier of "made-to-measure" plastic parts.
By controlling the risks and opportunities we face, we maintain customer satisfaction in line with our development strategy.
Our Management Principles and Quality Policy are based on our core values:
1. To LISTEN to our CUSTOMERS and provide them with a rapid, appropriate RESPONSE.
2. To ensure that our quality management system achieves the expected results.
3. Encourage, guide and support our employees, so that through their initiatives and teamwork, they contribute to the effectiveness of our quality management system.
4. To have an active and committed CSR approach, particularly with regard to the following points:
- The environment: taken into account in our actions and decisions, recycling and recovery of plastics, development of eco-responsible products such as the Soap Grater©, use of electric machines to reduce our consumption and carbon footprint. - Respect for human rights. - Governance: employee representatives consulted and involved in decision-making. - Loyal practices: respecting and helping our colleagues in the plastics industry, paying our invoices on time, etc, - Respect for the customer: deliver on time, in the quality expected, and promise only what we can deliver. - Work relations and working conditions: work on improving working conditions and ergonomics, measures to reward and motivate employees (profit-sharing, vacation bonuses in particular). - Community and local development: promoting local partners (moldmakers, packaging suppliers, etc.) as players in the "Precious Plastics" community and collaborating with local companies, opening our doors to secondary school students, integrating young people on work-study programs into our workforce, involving our manager in the Réseau Entreprendre network with follow-up and advice from an entrepreneur located in Nord Isère.   CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and INNOVATION drive our actions The formalization and follow-up of these actions aim to satisfy our customers in terms of Environment, Safety and Quality, while controlling COSTS and DEADLINES.   Download our actual ISO 9001 Certificate