Partners Participating in the successful development of our business is very important to us. Therefore we decided to get involved in a larger project. Therefore OPS Plastique affiliated to the plastic union, Allizé Plasturgie ( Allizé Plasturgie is an active member of the Federation of Plastics, member of the European Federation, EUPC, and is controlled by a Board of Directors composed of industrialists from different regions and representing the diversity (size, technology, markets ...) of member companies. Allizé Plasturgie carries out its mission with companies in the plastics industry, based on: Anticipation and foresight: to position itself as the reference circle for reflection and foresight in the plastics industry. Responsiveness and proximity: through regional unions of reliable partners maintaining a responsive service for everyday business. 710 companies from the plastics industry rely daily on our team to assist them in their development. In addition, OPS Plastique  is also affiliated with the Union of Metallurgy UDIMEC ( which includes high-technology companies in the Haute Savoie and Isère  to promote the industry and to promote business growth and innovation.